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Zombait Makes A Splash at ICAST 2017!

Zombait Makes A Splash at ICAST 2017!

Last week, we were fortunate to be able to show off Zombait in front of thousands of anglers from around the world at ICAST 2017, the world's largest sportfishing trade show, in Orlando, FL.  We joined fishing companies from around the world to showcase our newest product, the Zombait lure, to over 10,000 attendees!

We flew down on Monday and began preparing for the show, which started on Wednesday.  We brought plenty of Zombait lures for live(?) demos & giveaways but we didn't have any bait.  We drove the hour down to the shore, first making a stop at Doc's Bait House in Merritt Island, picking up some frozen Ladyfish which we knew were about 10-14" in length, perfect for Zombait.  Our next stop was at Sunrise Marina in Port Canaveral where we picked up some frozen horse ballyhoo.

Zombait Demo Tent at ICAST 2017 "On The Water"

With bait in the cooler, we set off for ICAST's On The Water event.  We set up our tent and started swimming our Zombait ladyfish in front of anglers.  Sport Fishing Magazine took a great video of this dead fish out of water.


The next couple of days were really busy when the show started.  We had some great media attention from some friends at Field & Stream, Kayak Angler Magazine, Brad Wiegmann, and Ron Presley.  See some of the videos of the action below.


Our booth (reliable #1078!) was buzzing the full week with interested anglers who wanted to see the Zombait lure in person.  We demonstrated rigging of Zombait in a dead bait, insertion, clever ways to hide the hook, and most importantly, the motion that Zombait provides to an otherwise motionless dead bait fish.  We used a Kula 5-gallon Cooler to keep the bait cold and on ice during the whole event and it even doubled as a seat and a bait rigging table!

We met anglers from all over the world:  UK, France, Canada, Seychelles, Australia, Japan, Netherlands, and more.  The response was positive and the benefit is clear:  live bait is great, but isn't reliable.  Zombait allows any angler the ability to use "live" bait anytime, anywhere, no exceptions.  We took the efforts to show off that our lure is powerful, fully retrievable, rechargeable, and durable (made from the same hard plastic as GoPro cases and Football helmets, yea, it's tough).  We designed Zombait for the harsh environments of the open ocean so it will do especially well inshore and in canals and shallower water environment.

Zombait Lure Starter Pack 1 Pack Robotic Fishing Device

We just opened our online store and sales are really churning.  Starting at $69 for a 1-pack starter kit or $159 for a 3-pack starter kit premium, we are pleased to say that Zombait is making it's way both digitally and physically all over the world!  

ICAST 2017 is in the books and we had a blast meeting so many great people and anglers.  We look forward to sharing Zombait with you over the coming months, hearing your stories, and helping you to...

Look Alive Out There.