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Company Info:

Magurobotics LLC is a Boston-based company formed in late 2014 to design, develop, and bring to market advanced, high-tech fishing tackle designed to make fishing more effective, more fun, and more social.  

Our first product, Zombait, solves a unique problem that anglers face:  live bait is the best but is not a guarantee and takes considerable resources and planning to use consistently.  Zombait is a robotic fishing lure that is inserted into a dead fishing bait which are typically very easy to get and store.  Once the lure is activated, the dead fishing bait swims and looks alive again essentially allowing the fisherman to have "live" bait on-demand.

Founders Info:

See the team and read our story at https://zombait.com/pages/team.

Zombait Info:

Tag Line: Look Alive Out There

Features: Waterproof to 200 feet, Durable, Retrievable, Rechargeable, Reusable, Fits Baits 8"+.

Availability: Currently available only at www.zombait.com or direct link to shopping page: www.zombait.com/buy.

Sales began: July 2017

Retail Price: $69 for Starter Pack (1-Pack), $159 for Starter Pack Premium (3-Pack)

CNBC Adventure Capitalists TV Show Air Date:  Oct 24, 2017 @ 10pm.  More info here.

Mentors/Advisors: MIT Venture Mentoring Services -- Cambridge, MA & MassChallenge -- Boston, MA


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Product Photos:


Zombait Robotic Fishing Lure (3-Pack)

Zombait Robotic Fishing lure and dead fishing bait

Zombait Robotic Fishing Lures

Fun Photos (all catches with Zombait):

Striped Bass caught on Zombait

Bluefin Tuna caught on Zombait

Goliath Grouper caught on Zombait!

Zombait Starter Pack

Zombait Starter Pack Premium

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