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Welcome to the next generation of fishing. Zombait, created by Magurobotics LLC, is the fishing world’s first robotic fishing lure to make dead fish look alive. 


Magurobotics LLC is a US-based team of fishermen and engineers with a passion for creating high-tech fishing products which are designed to be effective at improving the way you fish and be durable enough to survive any harsh conditions you may encounter. Founded in 2014, we have committed ourselves to only create revolutionary, high-quality products which can be used around the world to make fishing more effective, more fun, and more social.

Magurobotics uses advanced technology and robotics to change the game and improve the way you fish. Our first product, Zombait, has been engineered to put the life back into fishing by providing lifelike swimming motion to your bait of your choice. Zombait is made in USA from high-quality, safe materials.

Rink Varian is a 40 year veteran to the commercial fishing world. He is actively involved with multiple fisheries and is dedicated to their conservation and preservation. When Rink isn’t putting our products to the test catching giant bluefin tuna off the coast of Maine, he enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 daughters.

Matthew Borowski is an electrical engineer with over 10 years of experience. He designs the advanced circuitry which powers our products and gives them functionality to work as needed, every time. When Matthew finds himself with time off he enjoys skiing and spending time with his wife and daughter. Matthew also serves as a Captain in the US Air Force Reserve.

Jessy Cusack is a mechanical engineer with over 10 years of experience. He designs the mechanisms and structure to our products which gives them durability and form to survive in the harsh conditions of the open ocean. When Jessy isn’t working on the next big breakthrough in fishing technology, he likes to hike, bike, travel, and read.

Ditch the live bait and try Zombait out for size, with its groundbreaking method of bringing fish back to life. Insert a lure into the mouth of your dead bait, attach your hook, and get to makin’ dead bait history.


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