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Zombait Starter Pack

Zombait Starter Pack

Zombait Starter Pack


We are currently sold out but accepting back-orders. We will charge you upon order and will ship as soon as product is available.

We will send updates to you when we receive our next inventory and your order ships. Thank you for helping us make dead bait history!


The Zombait Starter Pack gives anyone the ability to master the art of fishing in a new-age, ground-breaking way.  The Pack comes fully equipped with the following:

  • 1 Zombait Lure
  • 1 Zombait Battery Pack
  • 1 Zombait Battery 2-Bay Charger w/ USB Cable
  • 1 Zombait Organizer Case 

 Zombait Robotic Fishing Lure Ties Back To Your Main Line For Easy Retreival

Sure to last 3-4 hours, the Zombait Starter Pack won’t die before getting in a solid fishing session. With everything you need in one place, the Starter Pack's organizer allows you to keep your Zombait kit safe and ready for when you need it most.

Made in the USA from the same materials as GoPro cases and NFL football helmets, the Zombait lure was designed for the harsh environments of the open ocean.  We guarantee Zombait will work to depths of 200 feet in either saltwater or freshwater.

Want to upgrade your Zombait experience?  Visit the Zombait Starter Pack Premium.